Connecting Scientists & Entrepreneurs
to launch the next hightech startups  in your community

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We put together researchers and entrepreneurs

During events where technologies are introduced by scientists to face the idea to the reality and find complementary profiles

We popularize and spread tech information

To make breakthrough discoveries accessible to anyone, even without a scientific background and to create a unique level of language between people

We gather qualified people and disruptive ideas

To find the proper idea, skill or the right person to create or to develop a project

A call to action for the next generation of LabTech startups.

Monthly themed events to introduce technological breakthroughs

A coaching session for scientists to support them to popularize the content and highlight the business potential of their technologies

Attendees can discover and challenge disruptive ideas within small groups

A clear framework to address the main aspects of the tech transfer:

idea, market, product, commercial approach, timing

july, 2017

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